Vision 2023 and Plan

The VISION 2023 & PLAN is based on Member input from 45 participants and 229 pre-session surveys. The VISION 2023 & PLAN are written to inform decisions by the Association’s volunteer board of directors/staff and to inspire Members to voluntarily become interested/involved in shaping the future of Killearn Lakes Plantation.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Vision 2023 and Plan.


  1. What are 2023 plans for handling empty, foreclosed, unkempt properties?

    1. Good morning J Ro. Thank you for the timely question.
      Here is a small piece of what the Vision 2023 Plan has to say. Please come to Membership meeting on August 14 to participate in the discussion. Our HOA is forming an enforcement committee. As of today, we have one volunteer.

      Volunteer Members will be responsible for enforcement of Association Membership requirements. Volunteers will be responsible for recommending activities, events, schedules, budgets, expenditures, and volunteer opportunities. Volunteers will supplement and enhance staff activities, provide an annual work plan and budget, and report as needed to the Director of Enforcement. Responsibilities and goals include:  Establish an enforcement committee.  Establish clear requirements, protocols for notice, compliance, enforcement (penalties) and appeals.  Promote responsibility and understanding of the bylaws and covenants and restrictions.  Promote responsibility for prompt payment of dues and assist staff with collection of delinquent accounts.