There has been alot of discussion on Nextdoor about properly navigating the two roundabouts within our community. The videos embedded below cover the approach to our roundabouts in less than 3 minutes. You can also find additional information at this Florida Department of Transportation Web page:

Two-Lane Roundabout Video*:

*The speaker refers to the car entering from the bottom center of screen.

Single Lane Roundabout Video:

The three most important things to remember are:

1. You may only use the right lane if you plan on exiting the traffic circle on the first or second exit only (the first two right hand turns), but not if you want to use any exit after the second exit.

2. You can use the left hand lane if you plan on exiting the traffic circle from any exit except the very first right hand turn. (You can use it on the second exit, the third and to go all the way around the circle if you want, but never use the left lane if you want to use the first exit on your right).

3. Don't change lanes inside the circle.

Case studies show over a 75 percent crash reduction at intersections, a 20 percent reduction in traffic delays, and an "eye-opening" 100 percent reduction in pedestrian fatalities due to the construction of roundabouts. That's why traffic engineering experts are leading efforts across the nation to bring roundabouts to congested intersections with the goal of improving traffic flow and creating safer/walkable cityscapes. - Source: 83 Degrees Media.

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