How to Report a Violation

Killearn Lakes Plantation is clean, peaceful, and naturally beautiful; a friendly and lively community where everyone is welcome to learn, work, and play; to grow up and grow old. Investments here grow in value. Our vision statement is not far removed from the vision that the original developers had over 40 years ago when they wrote the Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs) which protect and preserve the value of properties in the community. Every member of the community has agreed to abide by the C&Rs when purchasing their property and “investing” in Killearn Lakes.

Our HOA has the responsibility to enforce the C&Rs and we do that through two avenues:

  1. When members make changes to the appearance of their property, they must submit the change request to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), a review board consisting of community volunteers. The ACC reviews the request for compliance to the requirements of the C&Rs and published KL building standards. Once the ACC is satisfied the standards are met, the change request is approved, and the project can be completed. This process ensures all significant changes made to individual properties maintain the natural beauty of the community and therefore the value of our homes.

  2. The second avenue the HOA uses to enforce the C&Rs is to notify members when their property fails to meet the requirements specified in the C&Rs. Homeowners are asked to correct the problem and if the request is ignored, the homeowner can be fined, or a lien placed upon the property. This is a process specified by statute and used by communities throughout Florida.

In addition to completing routine inspections in the neighborhood, we do accept reports, both public and anonymous, from community members to further research. With 4,000+ homes, it is tough for the HOA to identify every violation. Common violations include overgrown or untended lawns, parking on the grass, and boats or trailers not screened from view, to name a few. These violations can cause a nuisance issue for your neighbors and can impede with maintaining the aesthetics of our community.

If you want to report a covenant violation, you can utilize our web form to Report a Violation:

KLHOA Violation Form

Thank you for your assistance.