2023 Christmas Lights Contest

It's that time of year once again folks. Your HOA is, once again, sponsoring a Christmas Light Contest for our members. The Grand Prize is one year of not having to pay HOA dues. There will be several other prizes, like gift cards of various amounts, as well. The contest is open to all RESIDENTS of Killearn Lakes. It is one of the very few activities that is not limited to property owners. So, renters, with your landlord's permission, of course, feel free to deck out the house and light up the neighborhood. RULES: There are really only two rules for the contest:

  1. You cannot nominate yourself. Nominations must be made by your neighbors. That way we can be sure that someone else thinks your display is good enough to nominate.
  2. Executive Board members and employees of the HOA are not eligible to compete in this contest. This way everyone can be sure that the contest is fair, honest and the winners decided solely by your votes.

To nominate a neighbor's Christmas Light display:

Or you can email the HOA office at: admin@killearnlakeshoa.org. If you nominate by email, please include the address and a photo of the home you are nominating.

Nominations will be accepted beginning on Thanksgiving Day and continuing through December 31, 2023. At midnight on 12/31/2023, nominations will close, and voting will open up and remain open until midnight on January 31, 2024. Votes will then be counted, and the winners will be announced at the February 8, 2024 Executive Board meeting. Winners will be contacted the following day.

So, residents, get out and walk or drive around your neighborhood and, if you see a display that you feel is worthy, nominate that neighbor for the contest. A secondary benefit of the contest is that, with each nomination, we add another home to the list that people can also refer to when they want to go on a Christmas Light tour of our neighborhood. Enjoy and a very Merry Christmas to all of our neighbors!