See Something, Say Something!

If you see a situation that needs attention, please provide the HOA with a ticket issue system submission and let us know where and what needs attention. Pictures would be a great help! Examples of issues that need attention: grass that needs cutting, fencing that needs repair, trees that look dead, etc.

Helpful Resources from your Leon County Sheriff's Department:

Are you interested in volunteering for your Neighborhood Watch? Duties could include:

  • Assist with educational and social neighborhood meetings
  • Attend your organizational meetings
  • Help you get your neighborhood organized
  • Pass important information to area coordinators in your neighborhood

For additional information about joining your neighborhood watch, please reach out to Volunteer HOA Board of Director Member, Roy Mars.

Note: If there is something illegal going on, you should report it immediately to the Leon County Sheriff's Department and then to the HOA. Please don't wait two or three days to report it. An example would be a car break-in. Reports such as these help keep patrol's through our area. There could be a common thread of area car break-ins, time of day, locations, etc. If police do not know it’s happened, they will not be able to help. Sheriff non-emergency number: (850) 606-5800.