Nature Trail Restoration Project

Status: The Trail restoration has been put on hold due to a lack of funds and because there are opposition to the paths clearing.

Where: Kinhega (between Hollis and Briar Branch) to Pine Hill Lake dam and to Valley Creek: See the Trail Map here. Also an additional trail planned along Bannerman to Meridian Road.

Why: Neighbors have asked to bring back the nature trails and so we are trying to revive them. Trails existed back in the 80's and have since become overgrown. Markers still exist identifying the trail. Invasive plants/trees on the trails need to be eliminated. A tremendous amount of work needs to be done for the revitalization of the trails. If you are interested in helping with the trails project or know of the location of a trail, please contact the Killearn Lakes HOA by clicking here. The nature trail will give our community a great place to walk, picnic, and enjoy wildlife!

How: Re-identify the trail routes, restore the bridge and boardwalk near Kinhega and Briar Branch. Brush, vines and fallen trees need to be removed from the paths.

Who: Joe Barnett (Volunteer Board Director), Jeff Caster (Volunteer Board of Directors President), Gregory Durant (KLHOA Maintenance Manager), and Brian Pierce (Former Recreation Committee Volunteer). All additional volunteers are welcome. At one point we had the largest number of volunteers EVER, turn out to revive the trail.

Plants along the trails: Dewberry, Yellow Carolina Jessamine vines, Virginia Creeper, Trillium plants, Florida Anise, Red Partridge Berry, Pea Plants, Pink Azaleas, Blueberry, Wood fern, and Red Berried Yaupon Holly. Trees along the trails: Red Maple, Cedar, some giant Short Leaf Pine, Long Leaf Pine, Loblolly Pines, Oak, great smelling Bay trees, White Flowering Dogwoods, and a tunnel of Sparkleberry trees.

Invasives along the trails: Coral Ardisia, Popcorn trees, Potato vines, Japanese Climbing vine, and Nandina.

Historical: Here are three documents detailing even more about the Trails:
Killearn Lakes Nature Trail Restoration
April 2017 Killearn Lakes View Magazine Article
March 2018 Killearn Lakes View Magazine Article


If you want to help revive the trails or make your yard Florida friendly, please call or Contact us today. We can also have your yard evaluated by a Master Gardener!