Covenants and Dues

HOA Dues Increase:

It's time to increase HOA Dues for Killearn Lakes for only the second time in 40 years. Back in 2006, the dues were raised from $60.00 ($48.00 if paid early) to $120.00 ($96.00 if paid early). It's been 13+ years and the need has presented itself again. The proposed increase will be to $200 ($175.00 if paid early) for non-lakefront properties and $225 ($200 if paid early) for lakefront properties. The process for voting to increase the dues will begin in August. Inflation is making it difficult for existing dues collected to keep up with the cost of maintenance for the neighborhood. Curious what the existing dues go toward? If you are a member you can see our existing budget expenses by clicking here (March Financial Sheet).

Dues cover maintenance of:

• Medians • Right-of-Ways • Tree Removal • Seven Entrances • Five Lakes • Dam Structures • Three Parks • Utility Easements • Office Building, Electric/Water, Three Staff members • Legal Advice • Bookkeeping • Annual Audit • Taxes and Insurance and more...

On Tuesday, August 14th (immediately following the 7pm Quarterly Membership Meeting), a vote will take place to increase the association dues. If you cannot make the meeting (Deerlake United Methodist Church at 8013 Deerlake Road South) you may submit this proxy documentation via email to the KLHOA at The proxy must be completely filled out.

Covenants and Restrictions Modification:

The goals are to eliminate obsolete "developer" language and to condense the Covenants and Restrictions from 40+ documents to one document. This would eliminate confusion as to what restrictions apply to which neighborhood within KLHOA. In order to have the new Covenants and Restrictions approved, we need 2/3's of the 4,225 households/members to vote in favor of the revised document. Volunteer Vice President, Mark Reichert, wrote about the entire process here: New Covenants and Restrictions. We will have a revised version of the Covenants and Restrictions available on our Members-Only website for review and comments in the future.