Covenants and Dues

HOA Dues Increase:

Final Update: The dues increase did not pass.

Update: At our September 25th special meeting to discuss the dues increase a motion was made by a member to postpone the vote for two weeks to allow more Members to participate. The motion was seconded by another Member, then discussed vigorously for more than an hour before being approved by vote of the members present. Presently about 80% of the 4,225 member households have not submitted a proxy to participate in the decision. We can do better. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 30th at 7pm for a vote to take place to increase the association dues. If you cannot make the meeting (Deerlake United Methodist Church at 8013 Deerlake Road South) you may submit this proxy documentation via email to the KLHOA at The proxy must be completely filled out.

Dues Increase Newsletter from the HOA Volunteer President, Jeff Caster:

On August 14th, Killearn Lakes Plantation HOA held the first “Special Meeting” to discuss the HOA dues increase. Since a quorum was not achieved, a vote was not taken. This left plenty of time for everyone to express themselves to the Membership and leadership of our HOA. The most recurring request from Members was to see more about how the dues increase will be allocated in the next budget.

Below is a link to a one page summary detailing just that. Complete financial information about our HOA is available to Members by contacting the HOA office. Please make time to become familiar with as much information as you like. Your questions can be answered at the next “Special Meeting” on Tuesday, September 25th at 7:00 pm at United Methodist Church on Deerlake Road. If you prefer, contact the HOA office or me, and we'll do what we can to provide timely and complete answers.

Please make yourself familiar with this information before submitting your proxy or attending the Special Meeting. Please share this email with your neighbors and friends in Killearn Lakes. You can visit for information. It will help every Member make a more informed decision.

Click the image below for the larger PDF version:

Dues Increase Icon

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you.

Jeff Caster, Volunteer President

It's time to increase HOA Dues for Killearn Lakes for only the second time in 40 years. Back in 2006, the dues were raised from $60.00 ($48.00 if paid early) to $120.00 ($96.00 if paid early). It's been 13+ years and the need has presented itself again. The proposed increase will be to $200 ($175.00 if paid early) for non-lakefront properties and $225 ($200 if paid early) for lakefront properties. The process for voting to increase the dues will begin in August. Inflation is making it difficult for existing dues collected to keep up with the cost of maintenance for the neighborhood. Curious what the existing dues go toward? If you are a member you can see our existing budget expenses by clicking here (March Financial Sheet).

Proxy IconThe dues increase will go towards the following:

  • The five lakes we own have dams, drainage structures, docks, boat landings and roadways to maintain and repair. Maintenance expenditures have been reduced due to lack of funding.

  • The lakes are degrading due to the pressures associated with development. We can no longer adequately maintain them with current funding.

  • Our three parks have playground equipment and other amenities to maintain and preserve.

  • We have almost 450 acres of green space to maintain and preserve. Our urban forest has reached maturity and some types of trees have reached the end of their lifespan. Each year we receive numerous requests from homeowners to remove dead or dying trees from these green spaces. The number of requests has increased. So has the price of removing them.

  • We maintain the medians and right of way along nine miles of roadway. We have cut back maintenance to save funds during the current budget crisis and it shows. We need to ramp this back up.

  • Until the latest budget issues, we have hosted on an annual basis the Fall Picnic, Kids Fishing Contest, and, in past years, fireworks on the 4th of July. We would like to bring all of them back.

  • We have the expenses associated with running the HOA office, including payroll for three staff, computers, copier, mailings, legal fees, insurance, the Lakes View magazine, etc., almost all of which have been reduced to cut costs. We have antiquated software which needs to be upgraded. We cannot continue down this path.

  • We are revising the Covenants and Restrictions to bring them into the 21st century. It will take a monumental effort and funds to get this accomplished. Then provide proper enforcement.

  • We no longer have a Contingency Reserve Fund. Our auditor recommends for an Association the size of Killearn Lakes we should have at least $500,000 in reserves. This is a priority.

  • The Vision 2023 Plan is what Membership says is most important to them. The increase will be used to implement the plan. The new board will allocate resources as they and the Membership desire.

  • Renovations at Tekesta Park including the restrooms, parking, and erosion control.

  • Restoring the Nature Trail and expand it to Tekesta Park.

Covenants and Restrictions Modification:

The goals are to eliminate obsolete "developer" language and to condense the Covenants and Restrictions from 40+ documents to one document. This would eliminate confusion as to what restrictions apply to which neighborhood within KLHOA. In order to have the new Covenants and Restrictions approved, we need 2/3's of the 4,225 households/members to vote in favor of the revised document. Volunteer Vice President, Mark Reichert, wrote about the entire process here: New Covenants and Restrictions. We will have a revised version of the Covenants and Restrictions available on our Members-Only website for review and comments in the future.