A Call for Candidates…Board Nominations are Open!

To All Killearn Lakes Plantation Homeowners,


Believe it or not, nominations are now open for the 2021 Killearn Lakes Plantation HOA Board of Directors election.  Did you know that Killearn Lakes Board of Directors is elected annually?  While it is advantageous to have some continuity and knowledge of history on the board, it is healthy and beneficial for a Board to have new members to serve, learn and share fresh ideas on how to make our community better.  


Serving on the Board may not be what you imagined if you have never served.  It is an open-minded group, eager to hear what the community wants and needs, a diverse group of individuals who have set aside their own personal agendas to work together for the common good.  


Young families, new residents, as well as long-time residents, can benefit by giving back to their community, thereby investing in themselves.  Serving with the other Board Members will help you learn leadership skills, how to run an effective meeting, collaborate as a team, and it will help build your resume.


We all have an idea of what we think the perfect neighborhood is, and what an Association should be.   If yours falls short of that vision, you can achieve more of your expectations sooner by working with your neighbors.  By serving on the board you are in a better position to have a positive influence, allowing you the opportunity to be creative as the board devises solution plans and different approaches to correct problems and to implement them in the community.


Serving your neighborhood does not have to be boring; you will have fun experiences, meet your neighbors and county officials and gain a better understanding of the laws.  There are lots of different opportunities to learn new things, help others and yourself, and meet new people in your community.   


Nomination forms are available here, or available at the Association office.  The deadline to submit a nomination is September 18, 2020.  For more information, contact the Association at 850-668-3231 or email us at admin@killearnlakeshoa.org.

Reprinted with permission from Joanna Schmidtchen, former Volunteer Board Secretary