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Food Truck Friday's

Every second Friday of the month various Food Truck vendors arrive at Tekesta Park to provide dinner to the residents of Killearn Lakes (from 5:30pm to 8:00pm). The event is advertised via signage around the neighborhood. The HOA works with the Tallahassee Food Truck Association to get various vendors to attend this event. Would you like us to promote your Food Truck? Contact Us Today!

Below are the vendors scheduled to participate:

March 8th:

  • Big Easy Snowball - 75 different flavors, including succulent cream flavors and sugar free varieties. The specialty of the house is a "stuffed" snowball – a regular snowball in any flavor stuffed in the middle with French Vanilla soft serve ice cream.
  • El Criollo Grill - Puerto Rican Cuisine: Tripleta Sandwich, Cuban Sandwich, El Criollo Burger, Veggie Burger, Chicken/Pork Kabobs, Empanadas and more.
  • Fired Up Pizza Truck - 8" Personal Pizzas with all of the toppings. Facebook
  • Rankin Crunchy & Confused Tacos - Crunchy Flour/Corn and Soft Flour Tacos: Beef, Black Bean, Lamb, Chorizo, Fried Chicken and more.
  • The Kitchen Witch - Chicken Poutine, Lasagna, Pesto Chicken Sandwich, Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese, Turkey Club Wrap, Turkey and Cheese Panini and more.
  • Soulslaw will provide an evening of pop, funk, and soul music!

    KLES Kindergarten Registration!

    Killearn Lakes Elementary School's Kindergarten Registration for the 2019-20 school year will be on Monday, April 8th.

    Kindergarten Orientation will be on Monday, May 6th at 6 pm.

    For additional Registration information, please visit the KLES Registration page by clicking here.

    Trash increase at Lakes

    We have recently seen an increase in trash being left behind at our lakes; specifically Lake Blue Heron and Lake Monkey Business. Please be considerate of your neighbors, the environment and our wildlife. Residents, please make an effort to throw away your trash and remember to lock the gate upon leaving after you visit our neighborhood lakes. We ask that you remind your children as well.

    Thank you for taking the time to keep our lakes trash-free.

    For more information on our lakes, please click here.

    Christmas Lights Contest!

    The Killearn Lakes Homeowners Association is having a Christmas Light Contest sponsored by the new ACE Hardware Store on Bannerman Road. There is a prize of a $100.00 ACE gift card to the winner of the contest. The actual contest is being run on the Nextdoor Killearn Lakes web site for this first year, as so many of our neighbors are already members of Nextdoor. Here are the directions for participating in the contest:
    1. Log in to the Nextdoor Site. If you are not already a member of Nextdoor you will need to sign up and become a member. It's free and it's a great application for neighbors to keep in touch with each other - social networking for neighbors!
    2. Once inside the site, there will be a toolbar along the left side of the page with links to the different sections of the site. Click on the 'General' link.
    3. In the 'General' section scroll down until you see the 'Christmas Light Contest' post, click it. There you will be able to read the rules of the contest, how to nominate homes for the contest and how to vote for your favorite to win.
    Here is the link for Nextdoor:
    Please enjoy driving around and looking at all of the different homes that have put up Christmas Lights for your viewing pleasure!

    Maintenance Committee

    The primary function of the Maintenance Committee is to assist the board of directors in fulfilling its common area repair and maintenance responsibilities. The role of the Committee is oversight.

    Next Meeting: December 7, 2018, 10:00 am, at the association office.

    Greenspace Management Plan: Conservation and care of life in the greenspace; keeping land and waters of the Plantation safe, attractive, and valuable to people and to native wildlife.

    “It shall be the express intent and purpose…to protect, maintain, and enhance the natural environment…. to protect streams, lakes, and water supplies, to maintain and enhance the conservation of natural and scenic resources, to promote the conservation of soils, fish, wildlife, game and migratory birds, enhance value of abutting and neighboring forests, wildlife preserves, natural reservations or sanctuaries or other open areas and open spaces, and to afford and enhance recreation opportunities, preserve historical sites, and implement generally the Killearn Lakes Master Plan for development.” Article IX, Section 1, Killearn Lakes Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions.

    Click here for the 2016 Greenspace Plan

    America's Second Harvest of the Big Bend

    Please help us in supporting America's Second Harvest of the Big Bend. You can drop off canned foods, non-perishable items and toiletry items at the KLHOA office Monday-Friday from 9am to 3pm. Second Harvest of the Big Bend is the food bank that distributes millions of pounds of food every year to hungry families in the 11-county region of the Big Bend.

    Learn more about the Second Harvest at:

    Citizens Connect: Report Issues Now!

    With the Leon County Citizens Connect App, users can report:
    Animal Issues, Downed Trees, Noise Complaints, Street Light Out, Waste pick-up, and much more...
    Get the FREE app now by searching for "Leon County Citizens Connect" in your Apple Store or Google Play Store. To submit a request online or to learn more: click here.

    Architectural Control Committee Documents

    Below you will find Architectural Control Committee documents regarding our neighborhood. When residents want to submit something to the ACC, the actual forms they use will either be the New Home Building Application (below) or the Architectural Control Committee Change Application (below) for everything else: fences, sheds, etc. The remaining documents are the standards for each change/addition residents wish to implement. Should you have any questions about these documents, contact us here.

    Above Ground Pool Standards ACC Change Application Dock Standards Fence Standards In-Ground Pool Standards
    New Home Building Application New Home Standards Storage Shed Standards    

    Update: Debris Pick-up

    Update from Sunday, October 21st: We know everyone is concerned about the trees and branches leaning over our main roadways since Hurricane Michael. Leon County Operations has informed the HOA that crews will be out by early next week (10/22 - 10/25) to begin the removal of these hazards on Deerlake Road and Kinhega Drive.

    Leon County Commissioner, Bryan Desloge, has additional information on Debris Removal, FEMA Assistance, and the latest Status Report: here.

    Bryan Desloge, Leon County District IV Commissioner, provides an update on debris pick-up in our neighborhood:

    "Leon County will be collecting debris on both public and private roads. We began residential debris collection earlier today [Tuesday October 16th] with 24 debris removal trucks and anticipate another 11 contracted crews later this week. Debris collection information is provided, and will be continually updated, through the County's Emergency Information Portal (EIP) at:"

    "The EIP includes a map of each collection zone and the neighborhoods currently being served. Killearn Lakes is in Zone #1. You can place your debris at the curb now or refer back to the EIP to see when your neighborhood is scheduled for collection. The EIP will be updated every two-to-three days."

    "There's a gigantic amount of cut trees and debris out there, so this may take some time to get to everyone. We ask for your patience and understanding. We're a lot better off here than our neighbors to the west. Just know we're doing the best we can to address your concerns. Please let me know if you have any questions."

    Bryan Desloge
    Leon County Commission
    District IV Commissioner
    301 S. Monroe St.
    Tallahassee, Fl. 32301
    (850) 606-5364

    What to Recycle in Leon County

    Are you a new resident to Killearn Lakes? Have you always wondered what is and isn't acceptable to recycle? The Leon County Solid Waste Division has a web page dedicated to what can and cannot be recycled at their facility. Click the link or image below for more information:

    Nature Trail Restoration Project

    Status: The Trail restoration has been put on hold due to a lack of funds and because there are opposition to the paths clearing.

    Where: Kinhega (between Hollis and Briar Branch) to Pine Hill Lake dam and to Valley Creek: See the Trail Map here. Also an additional trail planned along Bannerman to Meridian Road.

    Why: Neighbors have asked to bring back the nature trails and so we are trying to revive them. Trails existed back in the 80's and have since become overgrown. Markers still exist identifying the trail. Invasive plants/trees on the trails need to be eliminated. A tremendous amount of work needs to be done for the revitalization of the trails. If you are interested in helping with the trails project or know of the location of a trail, please contact the Killearn Lakes HOA by clicking here. The nature trail will give our community a great place to walk, picnic, and enjoy wildlife!

    How: Re-identify the trail routes, restore the bridge and boardwalk near Kinhega and Briar Branch. Brush, vines and fallen trees need to be removed from the paths.

    Who: Joe Barnett (Volunteer Board Director), Jeff Caster (Volunteer Board of Directors President), Gregory Durant (KLHOA Maintenance Manager), and Brian Pierce (Former Recreation Committee Volunteer). All additional volunteers are welcome. At one point we had the largest number of volunteers EVER, turn out to revive the trail.

    Plants along the trails: Dewberry, Yellow Carolina Jessamine vines, Virginia Creeper, Trillium plants, Florida Anise, Red Partridge Berry, Pea Plants, Pink Azaleas, Blueberry, Wood fern, and Red Berried Yaupon Holly. Trees along the trails: Red Maple, Cedar, some giant Short Leaf Pine, Long Leaf Pine, Loblolly Pines, Oak, great smelling Bay trees, White Flowering Dogwoods, and a tunnel of Sparkleberry trees.

    Invasives along the trails: Coral Ardisia, Popcorn trees, Potato vines, Japanese Climbing vine, and Nandina.

    Historical: Here are three documents detailing even more about the Trails:
    Killearn Lakes Nature Trail Restoration
    April 2017 Killearn Lakes View Magazine Article
    March 2018 Killearn Lakes View Magazine Article


    If you want to help revive the trails or make your yard Florida friendly, please call or Contact us today. We can also have your yard evaluated by a Master Gardener!

    Lakes Restoration Project

    Killearn Lakes has six lakes throughout the neighborhood. These were manmade in the 1950's by spring feeding. Five are maintained by the HOA: Arrowhead (8 acres, fishing dock), Pine Hill (34 acres, fishing dock/boat ramp), Pettygulf (25 acres, boat ramp), Blue Heron (58 acres), Monkey Business (39 acres, fishing dock/boat ramp) and Dianne (Maintained by Golden Eagle HOA). All of the lakes are interconnected below Lake Arrowhead. Here's a map of the various Lakes.

    In order to keep the growth of invasive aquatic plants under control, maintenance of the lakes consist of spraying herbicide treatments and adding Sterile Triploid Grass Carp. The video below, provided by the University of Florida's Invasive Plant Management section details the importance of managing invasive aquatic plants in Florida's lakes:

    Here's a link to additional UF Plant management:

    Invasives that currently exist: Hydrilla, Water Hyacinths, Duckweed, Alligator-weed, Tara. Lake Blue Heron has Filamentous Algae and Lyngbya.

    Of the five Lakes maintained by the HOA, Lake Blue Heron is currently experiencing the worst invasive plant intrusion. Per Naturalake Biosciences, "There are few things as difficult to treat as Lyngbya." - Link to Article. The main sources of filamentous algae in the lake come from: 1) Air, e.g. coal/gas, 2) Septic Systems, 3) Road debris, e.g. fertilizers/silt.

    The continued explosion of residential and commercial developments throughout Killearn Lakes has provided significant excess stormwater runoff entering our lakes mostly untreated. As a result, aquatic plant expansion in any lake could occur within a year or less without continued management.

    Preventions: All recommendations start with prevention of pollution. They recommend avoiding yard fertilizers unless the soil is sampled for need. Most lawns here don't need fertilizers. They recommend using native plants. Lake front properties need non-invasive plant buffers to filter fertilizer pollution. Removal of plants actually gets the pollutant out of the lake. Poisoning tends to sink plants to feed more algae. Poisoning can also kill some native plants that compete with algae and crayfish have been killed by copper-based herbicide treatments.

    Looking for additional information regarding the invasive species issues within our Lakes? Check out local resident and Lake Doctor, Charlie Mesing's articles here:

    Killean Lakes Restoration Summary
    Lake Blue Heron Treatment Summary


    If you want to help clean our lakes or make your yard lake friendly, please call or contact us today. We can also have your yard evaluated by a Master Gardener!